The big answer to this question is NO.  You should not sign anything from the insurance company until you contact an experienced injury lawyer.  At my law firm, I will give you a free legal consultation so you know and understand your rights before you sign anything; especially anything have to do with "authorizations."

The insurance companies love getting you to sign medical authorizations.  Most medical authorizations allow the insurance company to talk to your doctors without you being present and access copies of all of your medical records going all the way back to your birth (depends on what the medical authorizations says).  The insurance company can and will use your complete medical history to find excuses or reasons to give you less money in your accident claim.  If the insurance company finds something in your medical past that would embarrass you or go against your claim, they may use that newly found  information to their advantage, not yours.  You really need to consult an experienced lawyer first.

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