MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT: I got into a California motorcycle accident without hitting anyone else - in fact, I wiped out on the road. Is there anything that I can do?


This is known as a "single-bike" accident.  Your wipe out "may" have been due to defective road conditions or the like.  In single-bike accidents in particular, the police may not pay attention to the road hazards that contributed to the motorcycle accident. In many of these accidents, the police report says that the motorcycle driver is 100% at fault. If you think or you know you are injured because of bad roads, sand, gravel, potholes, or other debris in the roadway, or poor visibility at an intersection, then photograph it immediately before the conditions change!  After this, you should consult with an experienced motorcycle injury lawyer to see if you have a case against the city, government entity, or other third party for the defective road conditions.

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