As quickly as you can. If your child was injured in a car collision, slip and fall accident, dog attack, or another type of incident, your first concern is always for their welfare. Once health care needs are met, it's critical to determine if there's liability involved in the accident and if so, who might be responsible for financial recovery.  

Legal Guidance Helps You Make Sure to Do Things Right After Your Child's Injury

seeing a lawyer after child injuryIf an individual or business is found responsible for your child's injuries, hiring an attorney as soon as possible provides a better chance of securing proper compensation for medical bills, lost income of caregiving guardians, extended care, and other necessities. Here are four reasons why legal assistance strengthens a claim for damages.

Collection of Evidence

A lawyer will conduct a more immediate and exhaustive investigation into the cause of your child’s accident. He can more easily locate and interview witnesses right away before their memories of the accident fade, or they leave the area and you lose contact. Your attorney is also more effective with collecting surveillance footage before it's recorded over, inspecting the accident scene, and gathering additional evidence to prove the other party’s negligence.

Avoid Mistakes

If you haven't filed a compensation claim before, it's challenging to understand the process, especially when you're primary concern is the wellbeing of your child. Partnering with an attorney ensures that you'll avoid mistakes that might weaken the claim, such as agreeing to give a recorded statement or accepting a quick settlement.

Negotiate Your Settlement

An attorney skilled with child injury cases will take over all communications with the insurance company. My team and I have many years of experience effectively handling children's injuries in California and will keep you informed of your child's rights throughout the entire legal process, so you're never left in the dark. We also understand what insurance companies might try to reduce or deny a claim, and will aggressively fight during negotiations so your family receives all past and future compensation owed to your child.

File Your Lawsuit

Even with an attorney by your side, sometimes insurance carriers won't offer a fair settlement. This means your legal counsel will not only have to file a lawsuit on your family's behalf and stand up for you at trial, but also be prepared to follow the special procedures under California law because your child is a minor. Additionally, an experienced attorney understands the steps you need to take within the statute of limitations—the time period you have to sue after an accident—so you don't lose the opportunity to resolve your case.

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