Without hesitation, yes!  Photos or video of the vehicles may assist in proving which driver was negligent (i.e., careless) so that liability can be proven in a California court if necessary.  Often times the insurance company will rely heavily on the amount of damage caused to the vehicles in the collision.  More damage to the vehicle means it may be easier to prove that the accident was significant, and that the injuries are serious.  Any good injury lawyer would rather have their injured client have more details than not enough details.

Due to the advent of technology, more and more people are having video cameras on their cell phones.  I recently had a client take a short video snip of his accident seconds after it occurred. The good thing about video is that it not only tape records the vehicle positions, and damage, but also the comments made at the scene by the other party(s)!  All of this is evidence that can come in to help you in your case.

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