CALIFORNIA CHILD INJURY WORKERS COMPENSATION: If I, as a parent, have a workers' compensation injury, how could that affect my child?

This is a very thought provoking question!  An interesting case developed in California regarding whether an injured child is barred by the “workers compensation exclusive remedy rule.” In the case, a child’s in utero injury suffered by virtue of the mother’s employment during pregnancy is compensable to the injured child against the mother’s employer apart and separate from workers compensation. Though a fetus’s injury must by necessity come via, or from, the mother (inside her body), it does not depend upon injury to the mother (for example a mother ingesting a toxin that may cause small harm to the mother but permanent injury to fetus). For this reason, the workers compensation exclusive remedy rule does not apply to the now injured child, and the child has a remedy at law directly against the employer.

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Mark Blane
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