$173,000.00 Settlement in a side-swipe auto accident with pre-existing medical conditions…

Attorney Mark C. Blane obtained a $173,000.00 settlement during pre-trial proceedings on a side-swipe auto accident proving that the injuries from this accident aggravated a prior medical condition.  The defense tried to blame the majority of the injuries on this pre-existing condition, but Mr. Blane was effective in establishing a medical foundation showing that the prior condition was greatly affected by the trauma in the side swipe accident. Pre-existing medical conditions are usually scrutinized by the defense in an attempt to try and show the jury that a majority of the pain and suffering come from it. This is a defense tool to try and minimize the negligence of their insured. However, with proper medical documentation, a good injury lawyer can navigate this defense by showing that the pre-existing injuries were either aggravated or affected by the accident itself. This way the argument is turned around to show the truth. Remember, defense tactics are counter punching tactics. When you come from truth, you will be able to show the truth. This is what good lawyering does on a case.


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