San Diego roll over car accident attorney Mark C. Blane represented a National City man who was injured in a car accident that rolled over the side of a hill/embankment due to auto collision in the Highway 163 area of Hillcrest, a suburb of San Diego, California.  Thankfully, the man recovered from his injuries, and Mr. Blane was able to navigate his injury case with the insurance companies involved.

The injured National City man was transported to Sharp Memorial Hospital via ambulance immediately after the accident where he was evaluated and given diagnostics.  Three days later he presented to Scripps Mercy Hospital where he was evaluated and given further diagnostics.  He followed up with Dr. Steven R. Allsing, M.D., Dr. Thomas Schweller, M.D. and received physical therapy with La Mesa Physical Therapy.  He was given conservative therapy. The following excerpts were taken from the man's medical findings:




Paramedics C-Collar 03/14/08

Paramedics Spinal Immobilization 03/14/08



Scripps Mercy Hospital 500mL IV fluids 03/17/08

Scripps Mercy Hospital 125mL IV fluids 03/17/08



Sharp Memorial Hospital X-Ray – Chest single view 03/14/08

Sharp Memorial Hospital X-Ray – Hand Limited 03/14/08

Scripps Mercy Hospital X-Ray – Chest 2 views 03/17/08

Scripps Mercy Hospital CT – Head w/o contrast 03/17/08

Scripps Mercy Hospital CT – Cervical w/o contrast 03/17/08

Scripps Mercy Hospital CT – Chest w/o contrast 03/17/08

Scripps Mercy Hospital CT – Thoracic w/o contrast 03/17/08

Scripps Mercy Hospital CT – Lumbar w/o contrast 03/17/08

Scripps Mercy Hospital CT – Pelvis w/o contrast 03/17/08

Scripps Mercy Hospital CT – Abdomen Upper w/o contrast 03/17/08

Dr. Steven R. Allsing, M.D. X-Rays 03/27/08


Also, at the time of this accident, the injured National City man was a full-time independent contractor, working for the San Diego Union Tribune, delivering newspapers.  Due to his injuries and corresponding limitations, he could not work. He had to hire another driver at $60.00 per day to complete his route so that he would not lose the route.  Mr. Blane used this medical information to obtain a successful result for this injured man.

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