The following is a brief list of what you should do:

California motorcycle accidentReport the California Motorcycle Accident

Unless you are transported from the scene by ambulance, call the police and report the motorcycle accident. A police officer will be dispatched, and he or she will write a police report that will document the facts of the motorcycle accident and will identify the other parties involved, along with any witnesses and insurance information. All too often, a motorcycle accident is blamed on the rider of the bike, which makes it critical that you protect yourself early on. Also, you should be mindful that there is already a bias in place amongst some jurors and police officers when it comes to a motorcyclist's legal right in California to "lane split."

Be Mindful of Escaping Any Immediate Danger

The scene of a motorcycle accident is a dangerous one since nearly 62% of wrecks involve fuel leaks and spills that can cause a fire or explosion. Therefore, your first step should be to distance yourself from any fire hazard following a motorcycle crash or vehicle vs. motorcycle accident.

Get Medical Care As Soon As Possible

 If you are injured in a motorcycle accident in California, you should be taken to an emergency room for prompt medical care. Most of the time, your body and head have already gone through a traumatic collision. Head and chest injuries are among the primary causes of death in motorcycle accidents statistically speaking, so it is out of medical prudence that you undergo a detailed medical examination by medical doctors and obtain any and all necessary diagnostic tests (like x-rays and MRIs) without delay to document any and all injuries.

Call a Reputable and Experienced California Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Contact a reputable California motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as you possibly can in order to protect any and all legal claims you may have. There is a great deal of investigation and legal prep work that must be done immediately after a motorcycle crash, and it is best to start it before evidence and witnesses disappear. A knowledgeable and experienced California Motorcycle Crash Attorney will not only make sure your legal claim is competently handled from the outset but will also help you obtain the proper medical care that you need, especially if you have no health insurance or primary medical doctor.

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krasney laww 09/06/2017 12:07 AM
If a motorcyclist does our accident and you don't have any fault, then you have to go for motorcycle accident attorney. He will provide you compensation.
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Ladas Law Firm 08/11/2022 03:22 AM
Thanks for the post, It will help many motorcyclist who are injured by accident. They will know the what to do after the accident from this post.
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