Teenage driverThough recent California traffic accident statistics show that many types of accidents have been decreasing in frequency, California is still one of the leading states in teenage accident fatality. If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident, speak with a San Diego car accident lawyer right away to begin working on a personal injury claim.

Teenage Traffic Accident Statistics in California

In recent California traffic accident statistics, it was found that there were nearly 600 fatalities involving teenagers in 2008.

Many Teenage Accidents Are Caused by Risks That Include

  • Poor hazard detection. A lack of detection of environmental hazards that often comes with experience in driving.
  • Low-risk perception. Young drivers have a tendency to underestimate dangers and threats on the road.
  • Risk-taking. Teenage drivers are more commonly found driving with overconfidence in their abilities. They are more likely to speed, tailgate, run red lights, violate signals, and make illegal turns.
  • Seat belt neglect. Many teenagers fail to wear seat belts properly.
  • Lack of skill. Handling skills and driving knowledge that comes with time and experience. 
  • Alcohol and drugs. Driving under the influence often causes serious and fatal accidents.
  • Distracting passengers. Fellow teenage passengers are often loud or disruptive.
  • Night driving. Sleep deprivation and visibility factors (occasionally combined with alcohol or drug use) create dangerous situations.

Read more about recent California traffic accident statistics and contact a San Diego personal injury attorney after you've been involved in a California accident.

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