When Chula Vista lawyers review evidence and documents related to your Southern California automobile accident, they will have an idea of how much compensation insurance companies may be willing to pay out to settle your claim.

How Insurance Companies Value a Claim

Injury lawyers will consider the same factors that insurance companies will pay close attention to: 

  • medical descriptions of your injuries;
  • specific medical treatment tailored to your injuries;
  • the intensity, duration and frequency of your medical care;
  • the credentials of your medical team and whether any specialists administered treatment;
  • your age and body mass index and their impact on your recovery;
  • special damages, which include lost wages, incidental expenses that you paid out of pocket, credit damages, and transportation to and from your doctor's appointments;
  • how the Southern California automobile accident has affected your quality of life;
  • damage to your vehicle; and
  • any physical impairments to any particular body parts. 

All of the above factors and others will be reviewed until a settlement can be hammered out. To maximize the value of your claim, you should acquire the assistance of injury lawyers. Your lawyers will help gather pertinent evidence to prove the extent of your injuries and help you pursue all compensation to which you are entitled. To learn more about evaluating a personal injury claim, please visit our article library.

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