Lane splitting refers to any two wheel vehicle, usually a motorcycle,  traveling between lanes of vehicles that are proceeding in the same direction. More specifically, it refers to passing stopped or slower moving traffic between lanes at a speed greater than surrounding traffic in order to expedite travel. It is sometimes referred to as:

1.  "lane sharing;"
2.  white-lining;
3.  filtering; or, 
4.  stripe-riding;

Also, lane splitting has been used to describe moving through actual traffic that is in motion (moving) while filtering is used to describe moving through traffic that is stopped and not moving at all.  The practice of "Lane splitting" by motorcycles is generally legal througout Europe, Japan and several other countries; however, the practice is illegal in many states in the United States, but is considered lawful in California which is why I talk about it quite often in relation to motorcycle accidents.  The legal restrictions on lane splitting for bicyclists can be the same, such as in California.  However, in some jurisdictions, like Nebraska, lane-splitting is prohibited specifically, and only, for motorcyclists.

The practice of "Lane splitting" is controversial in the United States, and it is sometimes an issue in other countries as well when it comes to safety. Questions in other countries and jurisdictions besides California are debated as to whether or not the practice is safe and therefore "legal," whether or not it should be legal, and whether or not it should be practiced regardless of legality due to the fact that the practice, or art of lane splitting can be deadly. Bills and other legislative attempts to legalize lane splitting in other states besides California have been introduced (via state legislatures) across the United States over the last twenty years but so far none have been enacted--for California, it has continued to remain a legal practice which means motorists, especially if they are from out-of-state, need to be mindful of the practice!

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