San Diego Injury & Accident Drunk Driver trial lawyer Mark Blane quickly explains what the California Crime Victim Restitution Fund is, and how it can be related to your drunk driver (DUI) injury case. You see, California has set aside a fund to compensate victims of a crime (here a drunk driver) so they can be paid back for out-of-pocket expenses related to a DUI injury accident. This fund can help with medical bills, co-pays, property damage and the like. This fund is especially helpful for those drunk driver victims who have no insurance to pursue - this means the drunk driver had no auto insurance or assets to go after, and you did not have uninsured motorist benefits to fall back on. If this is the case, the Crime Victim Fund of California can sometimes help you with medical bills and property damage. For more complete information visit:  For your FREE Ebook Download - The Ultimate California Drunk Driving Injury Accident Legal Survival Guide go to:  Or you can contact Mr. Blane directly at:  (619) 813-7955

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