This video is on the importance of sun light and how it is extremely beneficial to the body as opposed to the negative impacts from over-exposure that we all hear so much about in the media. Robert Wright is featured in the video while giving a free seminar in the San Diego, California area. He is the director of the American Anti-Cancer Institute which was founded in 2008 that educates people world-wide regarding the real truth about cancer and other chronic diseases of the human body. He is known as the "cancer whisperer" and had counseled many cancer patients free of charge over the years. He is also the author of a book entitled Killing Cancer-Not People that you can find out more about on I read the book and recommend it as a fine read as it provides insight on the healing power of the body when it faces a cancer diagnosis. I continuely enjoy finding new folks that have come to empower the human body as a self-healing organism given the right conditions - these right conditions ground themselves in a proper diet of whole live foods which should be recommended to anyone seeking self-healing. Fair Use Disclaimer: This video is posted under the Fair Use Doctrine codified in Title 17 of the U.S.C. Section 107 to serve the general public soley as educational, commentary, discussionary and/or for critque purposes in order to memorialize or preserve an experience/event, or a cultural phenomenon. 

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