Paul was not expecting to get into a major car crash with family visiting San Diego from England. He was safely abiding by the safe driving rules that we all know about when we drive our cars, in any country. A driver must pay attention to what there is to see, and drive safely. Period. That is it. Or so we think until those around us quit following the rules of the road.

Paul was slammed into by the other driver - his front section was completely smashed. He needed medical care. The guy who hit was not even a resident of California, much less the United States. Paul did the best he could to document the other driver before he went off for medical care. He got as much information on the other driver as possible, including passport information, rental car insurance/proof of which rental agency, etc. You need to be mindful of this if you are ever hit by a foreign tourist car visiting California. What if the police don't show up? You better be "johnny on the spot" with gathering information. Use your phone - take photographs, and take videos if you have to. Get license information, and drill the other driver down to see their paper work on their rental, and have them show you where "they elected, or elected not to have extra insurance on the rental car." 

Most foreign tourists will take out extra insurance since they don't reside in America - so don't over look this proof when you are at the scene of the collision. If you are taken via ambulance, you want to make sure you have at least (my recommendation) $100,000 in Un-insured motorist coverage on your policy. What if you are ever hit by an uninsured driver, or one that resides in another country? The Un-insured motorist coverage will save you if you are ever incapacitated in a car crash.

Do what Paul did here - be proactive, and document, document, and safe out there. Attorney Mark Blane, September 14, 2018.

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