San Diego Drunk Driving Accident Trial Attorney Mark Blane lays out the reasons why you can attend the actual criminal sentencing hearing of the drunk driver if you sustained injuries. It is actually very helpful for the criminal court in order to decide if the at-fault drunk driver should be sentenced for a "misdemeanor" or "felony" DUI (driving under the influence) conviction. Obviously, the greater your injuries the greater the likelihood the criminal judge will sentence the drunk driver for a felony conviction. Mr. Blane has seen a criminal judge do both - and, it usually depends on the degree of injuries the accident victim sustained. Also, by attending the sentencing hearing you help to ensure justice is done, and the chances that the drunk driver will not get "behind the wheel drunk again" to cause a future accident to someone else. For even more details, check out Mr. Blane's California Drunk Driving Accident & Injury webpage where you can download a FREE Legal Survival Guide if you are ever injured by a California DUI (Drunk Driver):  Or call Mr. Blane directly at (619) 813-7955.

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