San Diego is famous for its “Red-Line” trolley system, which has become one of the iconic fixtures when one thinks of beautiful San Diego and its skyline and surrounding areas.San Diego California Trolley The Metro Transit System is the entity that controls the trolley line. Sadly, despite the efficiency and beauty of the public transport system, accidents do happen. When they happen, our San Diego auto accident lawyer adds, they are usually serious because the accident involves other vehicles or, worse, pedestrians directly.

Trolley Accidents can be caused by:

1. Trolley operator inattention;
2. Trolley operator under the influence of a drug or fatigue;
3. Sudden or uncontrolled stops performed by the trolley operator;
4. Improperly maintained trolley tracks or other fixtures tied to the trolley track system;
5. Simple negligent operation or control of the trolley by the trolley operator for any reason causing injury;
6. Defective manufactured product of the trolley or trolley system track leading to injury;
7. Inattentive pedestrians or other vehicles that either step or drive onto the trolley tracks, leading to an injury-producing accident.

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