California Car Collisions at Traffic Stops

Due to population growth spurts in recent years, the construction of more red lights at specific intersections has been on the rise. What was once a 4-way stop has now become a full-on traffic light-controlled intersection. These are put into place to make the flow of traffic more efficient since 4-way stops or blinking yellow lights can sometimes be inefficient in getting the traffic to move in a flowing fashion. Our San Diego car accident attorney explains further.

Running Red Lights Is Dangerous 

The problem is some motorists forget this especially if they are in a hurry. They tend to "speed up" when they say a yellow light instead of slowing the speed of their vehicle to a stop. Or, they will actually speed on through a red light long after the light has turned red - known as a "red light run." Most motorists who do this will tell you they "were in a hurry," but it translates into failure to take responsibility.

You cannot trade other drivers' safety for the importance of being on time somewhere. Some red-light runners do this due to other factors like simply not paying attention or daydreaming while driving. Or, they run the red light because they were distracted by something while driving. Either way, choosing to run a red light, or not seeing a red light can spell disaster to both the red-light runner and the other vehicle that crashes due to the acts happening all at once.

Installation of Red Light Cameras in California to Help Prevent Auto Accidents

Computerized Intersection Cameras have been installed over busy intersections throughout California. In San Diego County, certain intersections have them and they are supposed to catch motorists running red lights. Much criticism has come about due to this trend happening. Local city governments tend to be in favor of this approach and argue they can now monitor busy intersections remotely.

Only time will tell what type of impact these red-light cameras will have in San Diego and the rest of California. At the time of this writing, there are about 26 states in the U.S. employing remote red light cameras and some early statistics have suggested a drop in auto accidents caused by running red lights.

Other Dangerous Conditions With Red Traffic Lights

Sometimes there are other conditions that may contribute to a red light run and that is the traffic light itself. Yes, although rare, the entire traffic light "may" be defective and cause what is called a double green light. This means a green light shows in both directions causing or contributing to a car accident. In those types of cases, a traffic light injury lawyer needs credible witness testimony, and expert witness testimony as to the light itself being defective.

An expert witness can test and monitor the "timing" of the light which may have been the defective part of the traffic light itself. Timing issues or simple wear and tear of the traffic light or wiring system may be to blame. If you suspect your auto accident case was caused by a defective green or red traffic light, you should call an experienced red light traffic lawyer today. Our personal injury lawyer specializes in these types of car accident cases and we can help you.

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