Slip and fall accidents are difficult cases to prove because liability (proving who is at fault) is ALWAYS "open to attack" by the defense claims adjuster and defense lawyer defendingWoman on the floor after a slip and fall accident in El Cajon the claim. If you have been seriously injured in an El Cajon Slip and Fall accident, you need a California slip and fall attorney who has extensive experience investigating, documenting, and making claims in slip and fall injury cases. Our San Diego personal injury lawyer team has an investigator, registered nurse, and paralegals on staff to ensure we make a complete presentation to the insurance company and, if necessary, to a jury.  

  • An unexpected and unmarked sidewalk trip hazard can cause a pedestrian accident. Talk to a premises liability lawyer if the pedestrian suffers a broken bone or head injury.
  • Failure to promptly clean a slippery store aisle can result in serious injuries to customers who have not been warned of the hazard.
  • A dripping ice cream cone can leave a slippery residue that causes a fall and a herniated disk. If the manager knew the hazard and did nothing, talk to our law firm about a premises liability claim for the injuries you received.

Careful investigation is essential in such cases. It is important to interview witnesses and employees as soon as possible to establish the circumstances during the accident. Were the warning signs there, or were they placed after the fall? Was the owner or employee aware of the hazard?

Of course, all of the above details will need to be reviewed, and you get to meet with Attorney Mark C. Blane directly, not a paralegal or associate.

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