Dog bites can inflict different types of wounds like cuts and lacerations, abrasions, crushing wounds, punctures and fractured bones.  Some can be minor injuries and other can be major injuries. These dog bite wounds can often result in disfiguring scars, and sometimes, I have seen my clients suffer from a dog bite infection. The central target area for the face includes the lips, nose, and cheeks. Dog bites are becoming more common because of the increase in dog ownership and interaction of people and dogs. Many owners are ignorant of proper care and training of dogs. The vast majority of bites are by pet dogs and happen when people are engaged in social behavior in appropriate places or meeting places. They generally (61%) occur close to dog's home or home of the bitten person. Typically (77%) injuries are by friendly dogs known to the bitten person. It is impossible to predict what might provoke a friendly dog to bite. Remember, dogs are animals and they sometimes react on instinct.  They may be in pain, become panic stricken, feel threatened, or any number of factors. Children aged 5 or younger are more likely to provoke animals. Dog should never be left unattended with small children. Be EXTREMELY careful with dogs and children!

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