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At our law firm, we work with the victims of mauling and scarring to help them gain a full and fair recovery from their injuries. Since 1999, our San Diego dog bite lawyer team has been representing personal injury victims in courts throughout California and has earned a reputation as one of the leading California personal injury lawyer teams.  This has come through not only hard legal work but also doing a great job for all of our injured clients.

We represent people who have been scarred or mauled in a wide range of accidents caused by others' negligent or reckless conduct. This includes animal attacks, burn injuries, car accidents, and construction accident injuries.

Mauling, Scarring, and Other Dog Bite Injuries

Center for Disease Control and Prevention statistics indicate that dog bite injuries happen to 4.7 million people each year in America, and many of these injuries are serious, including mauling or scarring that sends people to hospital emergency rooms. These can be very serious injuries.

If a dog bite has injured you, your priority should be getting the medical attention you need (especially if the injuries are serious).   For mauling injuries, call 911 immediately and follow the dispatcher's instructions until paramedics arrive.  Call a doctor or visit an emergency clinic, even if an ambulance is not required. If a facial injury is involved, the decisions you make immediately after the animal mauling can make a huge difference later on. For example, requesting a plastic surgeon to do careful stitches can minimize scarring.

Choosing to Legal Take Action in your Mauling or Scarring Injury Case

While you should never feel rushed in your decision to take legal action, there are definite advantages to working with an attorney as soon as possible after a mauling incident. Acting quickly will give your San Diego dog bite attorney more time to gather relevant information about the facts and laws involved. It will allow for interviewing witnesses while their memories are fresh and investigating evidence before it is lost or damaged. Further, California law has a time limit set by the legislature — a statute of limitations — for many personal injury actions.

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