A traumatic brain injury typically results from a skull fracture and profuse bleeding as a result of the bone skull being shattered into different sized pieces. The injured person and emergency medical personnel can see that a head injury has occurred and treatment is usually prompt. This is also known as an open head injury.  However, a closed head injury, is more subtle and not as obvious as an open head injury. There may be no skull fracture or visible bleeding at all and the damage is mainly inside the skull (not on the exterior). Due to this lack of external symptoms, closed head injuries can go undiagnosed, resulting in even more serious brain damage, even death in some rarer cases.  This is why concussion injuries are sometimes overlooked by emergency personnel.  You should check for bumps or any signs of a closed head injury after an accident - especially a car accident.

The most common cause of closed head injuries is motor vehicle accidents — being rear-ended in a car accident and suffering whiplash is one example, another would be from a slip and fall or motorcycle accident. In fact, trip or slip and falls are the second most common cause of closed head injury and concussion type injuries, especially falls from heights, falls in recreational accidents, and diving accidents.  Again, closed head injuries are more subtle to detect than open head wounds or injuries.  

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