Dog Bite Safety Tips with Kids

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has safety tips for preventing dog bites in children as follows:

  • 1.  Educating children about the behavior of dogs is extremely important. Very often, California dog bite lawyers note that parents assume children and dogs will just get along with no threat to the child. This kind of attitude often causes the child to be seriously injured in a dog bite;
  • 2.  Teach children never to kiss the dog on its face. Most facial dog bite injuries occur when the child is kissing the dog;
  • 3.  Teach your child never to tease or throw things at a dog;
  • 4.  Teach your child to stand still and not run away when a strange dog approaches;
  • 5.  Always supervise your child when he is around a dog;
  • 6.  Never leave an infant or baby alone with the dog;
  • 7.  If you’re introducing a baby into a house with a dog, make sure that you train the dog to respect the new family member. Dogs are likely to attack people it considers ranking lower in the hierarchy. The dog must never think that children in the home rank lower than the dog in the hierarchy. If you don’t know how to train dogs, seek expert advice;
  • 8.  To minimize the risks that your dog will be involved in an attack, spay or neuter your animal;
  • 9.  Train your dog to obey you;
  • 10.  Take time to socialize your dog by taking him everywhere you go.
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