Even if another driver caused your car crash and is responsible for injury and property compensation, you should still report the incident to your insurance company. You may think you're not seriously injured, our San Diego car accident attorney adds, or that there isn't significant damage to your vehicle—but if you don't notify your provider, you might not be able to file a claim later.

3 Reasons to Report an Auto Crash to Your Insurance Carrier

reporting car accident to insuranceNotifying your coverage provider right away regarding the accident is different than filing a claim, but the action protects your ability to request necessary assistance in the future.

Here are three potential scenarios our personal injury lawyer provides:

Contract requirement

Your insurance policy is a contract that states the carrier’s duties to you and yours to it. One common contract requirement is that you have a duty to report your accident within a certain deadline. Usually, the timeline is within 10 days, depending on certain stipulations.

Car repairs

If your vehicle was damaged, it may be quicker to file a claim for its repairs with your insurance company. The negligent driver’s provider could engage in unfair insurance tactics to try to reduce or deny your claim, so it might take months or longer to resolve disputes. Additionally, you may need to file a claim if the repairs cost more than you expected.


Although the negligent driver is liable to fully compensate you under California law, he may have insufficient insurance to pay all that you deserve—or no coverage at all. So you might discover a few days after the incident that you actually do need to file an uninsured or underinsured claim with your insurance company. It all depends on your full scope of coverage.

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