HEAD INJURY: What is a California head injury? Also known as a concussion type injury, closed or open head wound, brain trauma or diffuse axonal tissue injury?

Any person who has suffered an injury to the head area or brain due to an accident, gunshot wound, slip and fall, trip and fall, auto, motorcycle or truck accident or an assault, or even a sporting injury, is said to have a head or brain injury or sometimes (depending on the severity) a traumatic brain injury. Keep in mind, the brain injury might have resulted from a lack of oxygen to the brain (a result of a drowning, or choking) or a lack of blood supply to the brain (a result of a heart attack), or in the case of a severe auto, motorcycle, bus or truck accident, the brain injury might have been caused by several factors involved with the bio-mechanics of that collision.  The above definition is obviously true regardless if the injury happened in California or not.