MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT: Do you see California motorcycle accident cases where the motorcyclist is stopped at a red light and rear-ended?

Unfortunately, yes.  

What happens is a bike or motorcycle is stopped at a red light waiting for it to turn to a green light. A car driver isn't paying close attention behind the motorcyclist or bicyclist and fails to notice the biker in the lane in front of him or her.  Or, the car driver fails to consider the amount of stopping distance they need to give the biker room.  Or speed is the factor, and the car driver is going way too fast for traffic conditions and, as a direct result, it hits the biker from behind. After this type of accident, two things then happen: the motorcycle is pushed forward into oncoming traffic, and the biker is thrown from the motorcycle or bike. Both of these actions will lead to serious injuries, medical care, and medical bills.



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