Back in November 2011, Ernest Ringgold was walking into a Pei Wei Asian Diner located in San Marcos where he slipped when entering the take out portion of the store. There was water on the floor, but no warning sign was positioned correctly so customers would see it upon entering, nor was there a water absorption matt. It had been raining on and off the entire day, but it was not raining when Mr. Ringgold walked in. I took his case and filed a claim with Zurich insurance. Zurich denied the case about two months later saying they did nothing wrong. I filed a lawsuit and associated fellow trial lawyer Jim Brown. We planned on trying the case together. During our representation, we deposed the store manager, and assistant manager. We found out some things that helped Mr. Ringgold on his case - namely that the safety training was not strictly completed by upper management, and that Pei Wei did not name any person most knowledgable about safety because, according to their defense lawyer, there was no such person. Needless to say, we settled this case one week before jury selection in Judge Pressman's court room in downtown San Diego, CA.

$160,000.00 One Week Prior to Jury Selection

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