I was honored to have been the voice for my injured client who was an elderly 85 year-old grandmother. She had tripped and fell over an ill-placed parking block that was sticking out (in violation of standard practices) in a handicap parking spot directly in the path of walking patrons to a local restaurant in San Diego, California. She had horrific injuries. She broke her nose and had extensive bodily contusions, and ended up with a surgery on her right wrist. Her right wrist was permanently altered due to the surgery and injuries.

As is sometimes the case, the insurance company for the restaurant/parking lot tried to settle cheap. I filed a lawsuit against the insurance company, and proceeded with discovery and fighting the insurance company. I associated in trial co-counsel attorney Edward "Skip" Babbitt. He and I make a good trial team on certain cases, and we were a formidable team against the insurance company. This was a difficult trip and fall case against both a property owner and construction company. Despite failed mediation, and endless depositions, a summary judgment motion, and 998 offers, the case came to a successful resolution two weeks before trial.

Most of my client's medical care was paid through MEDICARE. I was able to negotiate MEDICARE down to a very low amount in order to maximize my client's net recovery. This was a challenging case, but I am always up for a challenge!

San Diego Superior Court Case No. #37-2012-00095212-CU-PO-CTL


Trial counsel:  Mark Blane, Esq.

Trial co-counsel:  Edward J. "Skip" Babbitt, Esq.

$120,000.00 Two Weeks Before Trial

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