I was honored to have been the voice for my injured client who was an elderly 85 year-old grandmother. She had tripped and fell over an ill-placed parking block that was sticking out (in violation of standard practices) where it should not be sticking out in handicap parking spot directly in the path of walking patrons to a local restaurant in San Diego, California. She had horrific injuries. She broke her nose and had extensive bodily contusions, and ended up with a surgery on her right wrist. Her right wrist was permanently altered due to the surgery and injuries.

As is sometimes the case, the insurance company for the restaurant/parking lot tried to settle cheap. I filed a lawsuit against the insurance company, and proceeded with discovery and fighting the insurance company. I associated in trial co-counsel attorney Edward "Skip" Babbitt. He and I make a good trial team on certain cases, and we were a formidable team against the insurance company. This was a difficult trip and fall case against both a property owner and construction company. Despite an failed mediation, and endless depositions, a summary judgment motion, and 998 offers, the case came to a successful resolution two weeks before trial.

Most of my client's medical care was paid through MEDICARE. I was able to negotiate MEDICARE down to very low amount in order to maximize my client's net recovery. This was a challenging case, but I am always up for a challenge!

San Diego Superior Court Case No. #37-2012-00095212-CU-PO-CTL


Trial counsel:  Mark Blane, Esq.

Trial co-counsel:  Edward J. "Skip" Babbitt, Esq.

$120,000.00 Two Weeks Before Trial

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