Except for residence falls, the workplace is the most common location for slip and fall accidents. However, workplace slip and fall accidents are rarely litigated because of California workers’ compensation protection laws under the California labor code. However, workplace accidents are sometimes caused by third parties not connected with the employer, so your lawyer should not overlook the possibility of a lawsuit against this third party simply because you have a workers’s compensation claim open.

So, if you sustained a slip and fall in your San Diego California work place you should seek an immediate consult with an experienced lawyer to see if your claim is only limited to California workers compensation under the California exclusive remedy rule. If not, you could possibly have a third party case to pursue as well; that is, against someone or some entity not connected entirely with your employer.  Remember, your work comp claim and the third party claim will be tied together by your medical bills – that is, when you settle your personal injury case you will have to pay back work comp what they paid out in your medical care.

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