Escondido Slip and Fall Lawyer Analyzes Premise Liability Law

Injuries from an accident on property can result from an owner’s failure to remedy a hazardous or slippery condition; this is either from a condition that was “open and obvious” (easily seen but missed) or by a condition that should have been seen upon reasonable inspection. Property owners have a duty to reasonably inspect their properties for known or, at times, unknown dangers or hazards. This duty needs to be analyzed in a typical slip and fall case. The same standard of care applies in a falling merchandise case as it does in a standard trip and fall one. The courts are imposing this duty so they can help make society in the United States more safe. I have handled Escondido Slip and Fall accidents since 1999, and I made a short but very informative video on slip and fall injuries, and accidents below:

Mark Blane
Founder of The Law Offices of Mark Blane, APC
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