If loss motion segment integrity is found, it can be documented using the impairment ratings via the AMA Permanent Impairment Guidelines Fifth Edition (see Secret #4). Generally speaking, a segment integrity found in the neck (cervical) can have a 20% permanent impairment, and if found in the low back (lumbar) it can be a 25% permanent impairment. Thus, it is possible to be diagnosed with a 45% impairment in the neck and back just on loss motion segment integrity. This diagnosis puts a very different perspective on the soft tissue injury. The attorney proactively documenting this finding with the treating physicians is doing his or her client a tremendous service in helping prove medical damages which are ultimately important to the case. The insurance adjusters and their defense lawyers are well trained to present “soft tissue injuries” as minor injuries. But make no mistake, they are serious injuries that can lead to severe medical consequences. Please view my legal video, “Soft Tissue Injuries,” for more information. It is located in the video center on my website, www.blanelaw.com.

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