This video briefly explores the rational of what really happens when someone slips and falls. First, when we all become adults, we pretty much have "how to walk correctly" down pat. When we are born, we don't know how to walk just yet. It takes time. But as we grow older, we know how to walk correctly and safely. So, when somebody falls down in a store or place made unsafe by someone else, that defies logic. It really does not make sense until we focus on the facts of what really happened. We need to know why they fell, and when you analyze along these lines, you usually come to the undeniable conclusion that somebody chose not to follow the correct safety protocols to prevent the injury in the first place. 

For example, in a store, where are all the expensive items located? They are not located on the floor where where are all walking. They are usually just at eye level or above. All the cheap inexpensive items are usually located closer to the floor. What does this communicate to the buyer? The store is essentially saying "hey customer, look here," or "look UP here," not "down there." Behavior experts show that we are not looking at the floor. That is why when we walk into a store or a place where someone has control we are assuming the floors are made safe for us to shop or do business.

So I say if the owner is going to say "look up here," but they don't "clean up or make safe down there," then they they need to either "clean up, or fess up." Otherwise it is not fair to any of us that do business in a store, or place of business. Slip and fall injuries are dignified injuries and they need to be respected to protect us all. 

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