Mark C. Blane, a San Diego accident lawyer, explains in this video that simultaneously texting and driving can lead to car accidents. Watch this clip to find out more about the dangers of cell phone preoccupation while on the road. Texting while driving in Southern California and throughout the nation has become a real issue, leading to many car accidents, truck crashes, and motorcycle accidents. Younger drivers tend more toward this habit, which leads to distraction and poor driving. Because of this widespread activity, there needs to be more education about the dangers and consequences of texting and driving. If you are the victim of a California car accident, you do not need to take immediate responsibility.

Your accident could have been due to the other driver’s bad habit of texting while driving. You need an experienced Kensington personal injury attorney to investigate all of the possibilities for what led to your accident. Reckless driving due to cell phone distraction remains a huge problem, and people need to start understanding the dangers of such activity. To learn more about texting and driving, visit our website to view our blogs, articles, and frequently asked questions regarding this matter.

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