Former Client Video Testimonial

"I haven’t had an accident before. It was really comfortable to know that someone was fighting for us. I hired attorney Mark Blane because I knew he “I had already helped other people and I was sure that he would help me. My car accident occurred on Telegraph Canyon Road, and I was a passenger in the car. This lady just ran through a stop sign in front of us and we did not have any time to brake. It was really strong the crash, and it actually was a total loss to our car. I actually had nightmares and got up during the night screaming, and I don’t remember. We would keep him posted on what was happening, and he would give us assistance to go to the right doctor, the right psychologist. Mark kept me updated through phone calls and emails. He was really fast and efficient. We were actually three people in the accident, and I think it was extremely fair how they treated all of us. Mark’s law staff was really helpful and kind to all of us. I would recommend Mark Blane because he was really helpful for my case and I am sure he would be helpful other cases as well.”

See the video from Thiago A. here!

Dated: March 3, 2014

Former Client, Mr. Thaigo A., San Diego, California