"I was on Second Street in El Cajon, and I was stopped at stop light and rear-ended and she pushed me into another car. I had a lot of bruising, especially from the straps. I thought, well, I will just handle it through the other insurance company, but I decided that would not be such a great idea. I needed to get an attorney. I needed to get someone to watch after me while I took care of me. There is a lot of benefits of using a lawyer. Mark came out to my house for the initial meeting because I was in pain. He set me up with the doctors, with the chiropractor, and the massage therapist, and he gave me everything I needed to start getting me on the right track. Mark will tell you the entire process, and he will answers all of your questions. He tells you what is going to happen before it happens. He fought for me before the insurance companies, he fought for me with other attorneys, he fought for me with even the health care professionals , and he kept me abreast with everything. He would call me up and find out how I am doing and tell me he spoke with the doctors and reviewed their reports. He is just very personable that way. You know, a very nice man. Mark is my attorney, that is all there is to it."  TO SEE THE VIDEO TESTIMONIAL CLICK HERE

Ms. Donna F., El Cajon, California, March 16, 2015