Former Client Video Testimonial

“We were doing about 55 mph. It was a lady that did not see us coming. After the impact the airbags deployed and the windows shattered. We ended up on the other side of the street, and the accident was in early 2013, in Chula Vista. Immediately I felt something on my ankle. Towards the end of the day in the night I started to feel some discomfort, and some pain. Definitely the next day I felt it a lot more. A friend referred us to Mark. They said, oh, we have someone who can help you in the situation. Right at the start he helped us understand the process, and he especially helped us in getting the medical treatment, which was critical. Within the next day, we were attending therapy sessions with a chiropractor. We were dealing with the accident, with the stress, but we were being taken care of immediately. And that was through Mark’s efforts. Mark’s office staff made us feel very comfortable. They were very responsive, and they kept us informed. Whenever we had an update, primarily it was through email, and that was because that was my preference. I had some friends that were involved in a car accident, and they asked me: what are you doing with your cases? And, right away, I referred them to Mark. It was an easy process and everything got settled in our favor. Nobody likes accidents but we were very happy we had someone like Mark help us through this process.”

See the video from Emmanuel A. here!

Dated: March 3, 2014

Former Client, Mr. Emmanuel A., San Diego, California