Sewer grates or Sewer bars can present a serious danger to California bicyclists. If sewer grate bars go in the same direction as traffic, bike tires can easily become stuck between them causing the bicycle rider to fall and get injured. Due to many outspoken bike riders, most cities and counties in California have changed the shape or direction of sewer grates or partially covered them with crosshatch safety bars; yet, many dangerous sewer grates still remain on the roadways and streets throughout California.  If a California cyclist gets into a bike accident because of a sewer grate, the argument for pubic entity or government fault goes is as follows: Bikers have a right to ride on a safe road under state public safety and welfare laws; a direction-of-travel sewer grate presents a serious unexpected hazard; and there are simple, inexpensive remedies for the problem, none of which the city or county employed to eliminate the danger.  The liability argument usually needs to be argued after a lawsuit is filed because most city and public entities usually deny the claim before a settlement is made; this is not true in all cases, and every case is different.