California brain injury accidents to kids happen all the time.  Among infants, children and adolescents, a brain or spinal cord injury is the most frequent cause of death, bodily injury and disability. After a blow or hit to the head, brain damage can occur extremely quickly (in a split second), leaving a child or teenager in need of medical care for the rest of their life. A brain injury can affect a child’s ability to breathe, see, speak, listen, feel, think, remember and move. Every brain injury is different because every accident or head trauma occurs differently; sometimes symptoms show up right away, and sometimes symptoms don’t show up for weeks, or much longer.  This is particularly true of children brain injuries because their brains are still developing.  From a legal standpoint, brain or spinal cord injury cases involving children may be even more complex than adult brain injury cases.  Adults have records that can be measured, like work and job performance records.  Without academic records and prior job history, it can be difficult to determine how much function of a child’s brain has been lost or destroyed.  Much of the evidence has to come from doctors and witnesses (family and friends). An attorney familiar with the unique aspects of brain injuries in children can help you establish liability and recover maximum compensation from the party responsible for your child’s brain injury.  You should seek legal counsel for you child's brain or spinal cord injury case.