In a nutshell, I pay Referral Fees to any attorney-referred Personal Injury Case. Want details? See below:

I pay a Referral Fee to any attorney duly licensed who refers an injury case to my law office in which I accept and the client consents to in writing per California Bar Rule 2-200, and under professional conduct of the State Bar of California. This rule is entitled "Financial Arrangements Among Lawyers." The amount of the referral varies case to case as liability of a case can vary, costs expended can vary, and of course damages of a particular injury case can vary.

General Guidelines on the Referral Fee

In the past, I have paid referral fees to other licensed attorneys between 15% and 50%, but in general, the range of the referral fee is between 25% to a full 33%. To this end, if a case settles $10,000.00 or under, the referral fee would be generally 25%. If the case settles over $10,000.00, and there was no need to file a lawsuit, and liability was clear, then the referral fee would be generally up to 33%. Check out my videos of attorney endorsements who routinely refer me their personal injury cases. I always make a written record, usually through email, confirming that I have retained their referred case, and periodically give them updates on the settlement. An attorney who refers me a personal injury case can always check in with me anytime on the status of their referred case.

What type of Lawyer Benefits from My Attorney Referral Fee Program?

1. Any lawyer that does not handle or specialize in Personal Injury cases on a contingency basis;

2. Any lawyer that does not have the financial resources to pursue a personal injury case. Sometimes I can associate in on a personal injury case to help with costs, and trial strategy;

3. Any lawyer that does not handle low property damage cases. Depending on the case, I can sometimes takes these on with or without litigation. Some lawyers do not want to deal with a low property damage case;

4. Any lawyer outside of California that is unable to handle a personal injury case.

Want to Work Together?

I am also available to work with other attorneys as co-trial counsel on any injury case. If interested give me a call at (619) 813-7955.