When an accident in San Diego, California, leaves you with severe burn injuries, your whole life can be drastically impacted - physically, financially, and psychologically. The better you understand your burn injuries, the more you will be able to help your San Diego law firm build your case and determine the extent of compensation you may be entitled to if your injuries were the result of another person's negligence. An attorney can help you recover the damages needed to pay for your medical expenses through a San Diego accident claim.

Burns and Scars from an Accident in San Diego, California 

Burn injuries occur when your skin makes contact with flames, chemical agents, or extremely hot surfaces. A burn destroys skin, starting with the outermost layer. Burns are split into 3 categories, separated by intensity. 

  • First degree burns only damage the surface of the skin. Although painful, they neither blister nor lead to permanent damage or scarring.  
  • Second degree burns, or partial-thickness burns, may damage the skin and dermis beneath it. These burns often blister and may result in semi-permanent to permanent scarring. 
  • Third degree burns are also called full-thickness burns and destroy all of the layers of the dermis, and can cause total skin discoloration and give it a leather-like or wax texture. In some cases, these burns are less painful than the other types of burns because the nerve endings are often destroyed. 

These designations are also used for categorizing internal burns, which cause wheezing, coughing, sore throat, burned nose hairs, soot in the mouth or nose, and vocal changes. Internal burns may occur when hot smoke, gases, or other chemicals are inhaled.

If you have sustained a burn injury in an accident in San Diego, California, contact a San Diego law firm to can help you establish your case and pursue the funds you need to care for your injuries through a San Diego accident claim.

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