If you or a loved one has been hurt in an accident in San Diego or anywhere in Southern California, you are probably faced with many problems piling up at once. It is all hands on deck, and as with a ship's crew in a storm, you can't hesitate and you need to know what direction you are heading.

Even apparently minor soft tissue injuries, whiplashes or concussions can have long lasting consequences, while the full impact of more serious injuries on you or your family's life is even harder to gauge.

The great majority of insurance companies, however, don't have any trouble finding out precisely what compensation you are entitled to. It is not well known that most insurance companies use a computer program to determine what your injury is worth.  That's right - the amount of money you're offered by the insurance company is decided by a computer program, not by the careful study of a human being to determine your suffering and future medical and financial needs!

Unfortunately this is not an exaggeration.  This insurance software uses data from already-settled claims to determine a settlement range for similar claims. Insurers update the software annually with their new closed-claims data.

This means that along with the trauma, suffering, worries and stress you are already facing because of your accident, you basically end up arguing with a computer program for fair compensation.  After all, somebody has to pay for your hospital, medical, and rehabilitation expenses, and fight to recover your lost income and any future income you may lose.

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Can San Diego accident attorney Mark C. Blane really help you?

The answer is yes, for two reasons:

  1. We know precisely how the insurance companies' personal injury settlement software works. Most companies use the same software known as Colossus (or a variance of this program known as Injury IQ, Claims Outcome Advisor [COA], or Injury Claims Evaluator [ICE]). It is essential that a victim's traumas, injuries and physical condition are described in a way to maximize the settlement and obtain the best possible compensation. It is also beneficial that the lawyer knows which software program is being used on a particular case by an insurance company. Our lawyers have an in-depth insider view of what the software does, and their input will be invaluable to the victim's case.
  2. We are proud to say that the attorneys of the Law Offices of Mark C. Blane in San Diego have acquired great proficiency in handling severe injuries like brain damage or spinal cord injuries, and a wide range of other traumas from soft tissue injuries to paraplegia, amputation, vision loss and neurological disorders. General and specialized medical knowledge is essential to the victim and his family's success in receiving a just and complete compensation.

In order to secure fair and just compensation you need to be ready to fight and know the other party's tactics. This is where Marc C. Blane can help.

The way you handle your case after an accident involving personal injury impacts the final settlement. Call us now at 888-845-6269 or send us an e-mail  for a free no obligation consultation. Remember there are no fees for our legal services until we win your case, so call us today. Hablamos Español.