San Diego California On-the-job accidents typically fall under the purview of San Diego workers' compensation appeals board under the guidance of California labor code law. Whether you're working for a giant multinational or a mom-and-pop shop, however, your ability to make a personal injury claim for a San Diego California slip and fall accident will depend intimately on the specifics of your injuries, the nature and cause of your fall, and the degree to which your company and/or its employees were liable (at fault or partly at fault).  California slip and fall accidents that happen on the job occur thousands of times a day all across California. Only a fraction of these accidents end up leading to serious injuries and actionable legal claims. Common causes of workplace falls include:

  • Poor signage around materials
  • Wet or icy conditions in a parking lot or hallway
  • Bad lighting
  • Cracked, gummed, uneven, or warped flooring or pavement
  • Sudden unexplained hazard or pit on workplace property

If you've been hurt or injured at your job/work in California -- whether in your capacity as an employee or whether visiting co-workers in a social capacity -- you will likely be classified as an invitee to the premises as opposed to a licensee. This distinction can be important in certain scenarios. To protect invitees, property owners must look for and tag/remove unknown hazards of which they knew or should have known. To protect licensees or social visitors, less is required of the property owner.  However, your California case will ultimately depend on a bundle of other legal or important factors, including your own level of caution, the nature and severity of your injuries, the intensity, frequency, duration of medical care, the degree of negligence of your employer or company, and any statements you've subsequently made to your employer, supervisor, foreman or to an insurance adjustor acting on behalf of the employer.

Your employer will have its representatives looking out for their best interests.  While your company may make a good-faith effort to compensate you for your injuries, it may be in your best legal interest for you to discuss your injury matter with a San Diego Slip and Fall attorney prior to signing any statements or providing testimony. If you don't protect yourself up front, you could easily handicap your ability to make a bigger and wider ranging claim down the line. Also, the right to make a claim beyond workers’ compensation is frequently missed out on by the injured worker.  This why it is a good idea to consult with a lawyer that does injury work and San Diego California workers compensation legal work.

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