InjuryIQ is a computer software program by ClaimIQ that measures a human being's quality of life from injuries from an accident into a value range that would be offered for settlement value.  It is used by insurance companies in California and across the United States.  It is considered to be in the grouping of the four biggest and most widely used computer programs today: 1. Colossus by Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC); 2. Claims Outcome Advisor by Insurance Services Office; 3. Injury Claims Evaluation by Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP); and, 4. Injury IQ by Claim IQ.
It provides claims adjusters with coding procedures on different injuries and works with another computer program known as DecisionPoint to review medical bills (coding).  It reviews an injured parties' past settlement history and negotiation experience; and develops settlement ranges for liability and damages (both special and general) based on the programs rigorous software protocols.  It is very important that an injury attorney has working knowledge of this program and which insurance companies license it and utilize it.