Malls and department stores usually have escalators and elevators.  Common mechanisms for getting from one floor to another in a building are escalators and elevators.Escalator in San Diego Because escalators and elevators are designed to carry passengers, in some instances, property owners have a higher legal duty than in other premises liability situations. When vehicles such as trains and buses are used for public transit, the owners of those vehicles are often held to a high standard of conduct. These entities are known as "common carriers" under California law.  Some California courts impose the same high safety standard on owners and operators of escalators and elevators.  This can help a lawyer make his or her arguments regarding injury and liability in these types of injury cases.

Slip and fall accidents, including trip and fall injuries,  can occur on escalators and elevators when there are unexpected, sudden movements or "jerks" in the machinery or when articles of clothing, footwear, fingers, hands, or feet are caught in various parts of an escalator or elevator. Property owners are responsible for maintaining their escalators and elevators so that they operate safely.

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