What is DAI also known at Diffuse Axonal Injury?
Diffuse axonal injury is a severe form of brain injury which occurs in some traumatic brain injury patients. Axons are the long processes of nerve cells which carry electrical impulses from one part of the nervous system to another. Billions of them traverse the brain and spinal cord, carrying information back and forth. They comprise a large part of what is considered the white matter of the brain.

During a traumatic injury, many forces are acting on the brain. These forces can cause twisting and shearing of the brain tissues. With enough twisting of the tissues, the long, delicate axons can tear or break. This axonal injury prevents the normal electrical impulses from passing down the axon normally. It is called diffuseaxonal injury because generally when enough rotational and shearing force is created axons in many areas of the brain can be injured simultaneously. Therefore, in patients who suffer DAI, axonal damage can often be found throughout the white matter.Because it can be so widespread in the brain, this form of injury can be one of the most devastating, leading to major and often permanent neurological disability.  This can be caused by a traumatic force as found in a car accident.

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