The latest dog bite statistics have shown that dogs bite 4.7 million people in America each year, and there are approximately 62 million dogs in the United States. Unfortunately, Americans are purchasing more fiercer breeds and are leaving their dogs more often at home alone, untrained, and unsupervised. Most dog bites or attacks occur when dogs are tied up long periods of time or spend most of their time by themselves and therefore are not used to strangers. Of course, these dogs have also not had basic obedience training. This ties end human responsibility and pet ownership.

A California dog owner is liable for every bite his or her dog inflicts on another person under California law. The old law was that a dog owner owner was not liable unless the dog had already shown it was likely to hurt someone. However, the law has changed with the times! Most states, including California, hold dog owners strictly liable for any harm their dog causes to another person. This is true whether or not the owner believed beforehand that their dog was dangerous.  This is a high standard given to dog owners and dog owners need to take notice that they take on potentially huge responsibility as a dog owner in the State of California.  Dog owners are responsible for an injured person's damages which can include, but is not limited to:  lost wages, medical expenses, etc. Dog owners everywhere can prevent bites by teaching their dog through obedience training.   You must, as an owner, train and socialize your pet, and California affords plenty of opportunity to do just that.  There are California humane societies everywhere which offer low cost basic dog obedience classes which we highly recommend you enroll for you or your dog if you haven't already done so. These classes not only teach you, the dog owner, how to train your dog, but, of course, it is carefully organized and structured to get your dog to start learning too.  Also, it can be a lot of fun!  Dog ownership does not have to be just about worrying about dog bites and legal liability. Make the experience of dog ownership safe and fun!

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