California Child Brain Injury Advocate - an experienced California Child Brain Injury Lawyer

Child brain injuries are unfortunately very common in today's modern world.  If a doctor has suspected a brain injury in a child, he or she is usually hospitalized for close observation and monitoring of changes in breathing, blood pressure, heart rate, consciousness, reflexes and intracranial pressure.  The brain in children is still developing and so doctors are very careful to monitor each and every symptom when it comes to a child's brain injury.   If signs or symptoms change, like elevated intracranial pressure (ICP) for example, a doctor will grow concerned because this increase may cause additional brain damage (secondary brain injury). Surgery may be required to reduce pressure on the brain. As a result, recovery from a brain injury may take months or years, depending on the severity of an injury.  Long-term treatment may include assisted-living programs, physical therapy, occupational rehabilitation, behavior management and other rehabilitation. 

How can an experienced California Child Injury Lawyer Help?

An experienced California child brain injury attorney who understands the medical and legal implications of brain injuries in children can be a powerful advocate for the child injured. Brain injuries are complicated and expensive, as medical care may be needed for the rest of a victim’s life. Other family members may be forced to take time away from work to care for a victim.  Also, a child injury lawyer who takes a child brain case who has experience understands it is a huge responsibility.  A lawyer can do things that benefit the injured child both medically and legally.  A lawyer can also alleviate the pressures of the parents by doing the all of the above.

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