Busy California Intersections Increase the Risk of a California Bike Accident

Lets talk briefly about California intersections and risks to bicyclists. Busy California Intersections pose a special risk to avid cyclists for many reasons. Car drivers often underestimate the speed of a bike rider as it is sometimes hard to determine speed of bike while driving your car; cars often don’t expect bikes to be on the road so car drivers aren’t always watching for bikes, or pedestrians for that matter; and even if cars are on the lookout for bikes, they sometimes just don’t see them because bikes are smaller and can blend into the background (due to the biker’s clothing, the sun, and other factors).  There are some interesting statistics regarding reflection from sun on metal on either the car or the bike itself; sun or light reflections can cause problems especially if the sun is overhead or rising or setting.  California sunshine can make this problem even more dangerous!

California cyclists should keep this in mind and take extra precautions to avoid bicycle accidents at intersections by actively and proactively doing the following suggestions:

1.  Increase the visibility of the bike and cyclist (with front and rear lamps, reflective clothing, and brightly colored clothing).  Anything to help in this regard will be beneficial.

2.  Being on the lookout — a legal requirement for bikes and cars alike riding defensively, learning to execute emergency maneuvers to avoid collisions.  Do not assume the car drivers will be taking responsibility all the time.

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