Any brain injury to a child is a parent's worse nightmare.  When it comes to preventable accidents involving brain injuries in children they are always tragic and extremely frustrating to parents. In the unfortunate event that your child has suffered a brain injury or spinal cord accident, you may have a claim for compensation against the party, person or entity at fault for the accident.  As you well know, no amount of money could ever make an injury go away, legal compensation can only help with medical care, rehabilitation, and loss of time away from work, in addition to something called pain and suffering damages.  A full and fair legal settlement after a child's brain injury can ease financial worry and allow your family to focus solely on your child’s medical recovery. San Diego Child Accident Attorney Mark C. Blane has handled claims of children who have suffered brain injuries in auto accidents, pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents and accidents caused by child abuse or negligent supervision.  He also wrote a book on it called "Justice for the Injured Child" available through this website.