When you sustain a concussion related to an auto accident or slip and fall, then you are at risk of experiencing a medical complication known as post-concussion syndrome.  According to the Mayo Clinic, this medical condition is poorly understood; most people, on minor head injuries fail to get checked out by a doctor who specialize in head injuries (a neuro) and this can cause your concussion symptoms to linger for weeks, even months.   The following are some of the symptoms of post-concussion syndrome:  

1.  headaches,
2.  difficulty concentrating,
3.  behavioral changes and irritability. 

It is important to know this as you should seek medical care immediately to make sure you are okay.  If not, then medical care is needed to help you through the head injury.  To this end, the medical care will protect you  not only medically, but it will protect you for your legal case as well.  All medical evidence needs to be gathered and properly documented so your injury lawyer can make a solid case for your injuries and medical care.