According to recent statistics from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) data, scaffolding accidents at job sites or construction sites account for approximately 80 deaths annually and this comes to over 10,000 injuries a year! All told, 900 construction site fatalities occur every year, according to OSHA, so this means that scaffolding accidents alone account for nearly 10% of all construction deaths!  Construction workers need to be careful on scaffolding as the statistics show the truth as these systems of support can be extremely dangerous!

What are some examples of wrongful deaths happening in or around a California construction site?

If you are a California construction worker, then you know more than anyone else that working high above the ground and handling potentially dangerous equipment throughout the day, you are at a higher risk of injury than those employed in most other professions. It shouldn’t come as any surprise, then, that fatal accident occur more frequently at construction sites than in most other workplaces through the United States, and of course, including California.

Fatalities or wrongful death accidents at construction sites can occur in the following situations:

1.  Construction workers falling from scaffolding or ladders;
2.  Scaffolding collapse;
3.  Welding accidents or burns;
4.  Explosions;
5.  Heavy equipment falls; causing fatal head wounds or the like;
6.  Walls, roof or other parts of a structure collapse;
7.  Defective equipment;
8.  Electrocution;